MINI-VLOG: Corn harvesting


In his second mini-vlog, Adam confesses to being wrong and rides a corn harvester.

Embarrassingly, after talking about corn in the previous mini-vlog, seeing the corn harvested forced me to face facts: when it comes to corn, I have no flippin’ idea what I’m talking about. At least not before, as I was trying to get a shot of the corn harvester to cap off my mini-vlog, the mechanical behemoth’s driver invited me to ride with him. I learned a lot about the harvesting of corn, and after my mini-vlog, I got to record a proper video from inside the harvester as well.

All that being said, people were asking for corn long before there was ready corn. I just waited way too long to bring it up in a vlog. I also failed to notice the corn growing on the plants just a bit in from the edge of the field. I also failed to identify the part of the plant the corn grows out of. I also failed to remember that I’d actually already seen the corn on the plants prior to this mini-vlog. Basically, I just failed at corn knowledge entirely.

That’s a mighty humbling experience. Maybe next time I’ll wait before I open my mouth. After all, when it comes to corn, perhaps it’s best to be…all ears?


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