Short Films

The Deadliest Tag: Chapter Two

This video can be watched alone, all backstory is included within the story itself. However, the two videos I’m building off of with this story are pretty fun to watch. The Deadliest Tag (Chapter One) Sunday’s ExtravaganSAW The first of the above [...]

Captain Manley and Shannancy’s Shanty

Back in June, I made a promise: I swore that if I won a certain Frost Park Chalk-Off, I’d use the prize – ten Spanish doubloon replicas and a Mayan calendar medallion – to make a pirate-themed video. Now, at last, the promise is fulfilled. I [...]

Destiny of the Gnome

Do please go and view this video in high quality. It’s much prettier that way. If you don’t have your YouTube settings adjusted to automatically play things in high quality, click through to the YouTube page and click on “watch in high [...]