Kickstarting Shakespeare

As you may or may not already know, I’m part of a crew putting together  a new webseries called Cleanthony and the Caesars. Above, I talk a bit about it and show you the most recent trailer for the series. Below, you’ll find a video featuring [...]

Keep the Alien in Tacoma

"Fear$" – Chalk art by Adam the Alien, drawn at the pre-season Frost Park Chalk-Off on March 18, 2010. Photo by Kevin Freitas, originally found on Check out Kevin's site as well as, home of the Frost Park [...]

My gallbladder sucked at being a gallbladder

In late November of 2010, I woke up in severe pain. A hospital visit told me nothing, and the pain eventually faded, so I went home. In the months that followed, the pain returned only occasionally, and didn’t affect my life. In August 2011, the pain [...]