My gallbladder sucked at being a gallbladder


In late November of 2010, I woke up in severe pain. A hospital visit told me nothing, and the pain eventually faded, so I went home. In the months that followed, the pain returned only occasionally, and didn’t affect my life. In August 2011, the pain started returning every day. Another hospital trip, and a prescription based on a misdiagnosis later, I was still in pain every day.

I missed parties, dates, evenings with friends, and aside from anything social, I was unable to get a job. I’d already been having trouble finding employment, but being in pain everyday made it impossible. In December, a nurse decided to recommend an ultrasound. I love that nurse. After my ultrasound, we finally knew what was wrong with me. I had gallstones. Tiny balls of calcium in my gallbladder. Consults and surgeries were scheduled, and everything was looking up. My surgery was potentially scheduled for late January, giving me time to get money together. On December 29th I went to bed hopeful.

I woke up at about one in the morning on December 30th in the most severe pain I’d ever felt in my life. I waited a few hours, trying to let the pain fade, but it only worsened, and worsened. At about seven, I called a friend to take me to the hospital. A few hours later, I was told my gallbladder was infected and inflamed. Ten hours later I was rolling into surgery.

I am now, thankfully, gallbladder free. Unfortunately, I already have creditors calling about my medical bills, and, not for lack of trying, I still don’t have a job. I am asking for your help. Help raise Gallbladder awareness. Gallbladders are stupid. They took mine away because it was extra stupid. But with your help, I can pay for my surgery, and start my life anew. Thank you.


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