Life after The Rapture

Two days after The Rapture, what’s life like? See post-Rapture shenanigans involving Harold Camping’s clothes, Jesus, The Alien, Adam, Mary Sunshine, Jeff, White Jesus and JoJo the Dog (who I completely forgot to include in the credits, so just so [...]


Burrow? Barrow? Borough? Burro? Adam encounters some confusion with Paul and Skrufy whilst trying to get all metaphysical with his viewers. Paul and Skrufy appear courtesy of Norman Tweeter Productions. Music by Kevin [...]

Skrufy vs. the Farmer’s Market

It’s been almost a year since the hobos of Norman Tweeter Productions, Mitch and Skrufy, polled the Proctor Farmer’s Market with strange questions about crayon colors. On Saturday, I accompanied a solo Skrufy to pester the market-goers once more. [...]