Tony Haddad

Cheese Puffs

Just a little improvised song about a tasty, artery-clogging snack food. Mmm, clogged arteries. Click here to download the [...]

Movie quotes in Hell

Paul Fleece is a member of the NT Crew over at Norman Tweeter Productions. MUSIC My theme sequence is set to “Pluto VS. Neptune” by Driftless Pony Club. You can buy their album from DFTBA Records. The background music in this video is “Merry [...]

[Vlogtag] Monday soup

Monday soup contains only the finest ingredients: Frost Park, chalk art, Molly Lewis, Chris Wright, turtles (and ninja-creating ooze), zombies, Obama, the Interrupting Kanye West meme, a discussion of McDonald’s pop culture (a la Pulp Fiction), dialogue [...]

[Vlogtag] Homesick Monday improvises

I was supposed to bus/train Southward three or four times this week, but everything was going wrong. I lost (and thankfully eventually found) a $700 check (without which, travel was kind of…not an option). I spent most of the week trying to work out my [...]