New website adds more flavor


Clackamas Community College overhauls its digital presence.

The new design for the college website focuses on functionality and personal touches.

A task force including Director of Public Affairs Anne Donelson, Dean of Information Technology Services Joe Austin, and Dean of Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences Bill Briare was assigned to oversee the development of the new, more dynamic page with Dean Walch, the college website coordinator.

“It was a pretty aggressive process,” said Walch, adding that the college had been wanting to overhaul the site for some time.

“We really needed to give the website a face-lift,” he said.

The old design consisted of many static pages; any changes to the site had to be sent to Walch to be manually coded. Now, according to Walch, the core Web site consists of only six actual pages and is built with a content management system, which will allow the pages to be updated more quickly than the previous design allowed.

“Basically, it works like a database system that just happens to serve web pages,” said Walch.

Among the more noticeabgle new aspects of the site are the staff and student profiles featured on the borders of the pages.

“It seems like there are a lot of great stories that aren’t always told around the campus,” Walch explained.

He added that, while the current profiles were created from previously existing writings and interviews with the limited student body of Summer Term, there will be more profiles created in the future. The plan, he says, is to cycle stories in and out of the system, so t hat the content is always fresh.

“There’s a lot of stuff that’s going to come forth,” Walch said of future additions to the site. “This was basically just cleaning up what we had.”

Among the additions Walch described were the integration of podcasts and video segments.

“Keep looking at the site for new things. You’ll see new things popping up throughout the year.”

The Clackamas Community College website as it appeared on September 29, 2006.

This article first appeared in Volume 40, Issue 1 of The Clackamas Print.

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