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An update from Adam

I’ve got a lot a new followers, so I just wanted to make sure this was out there: this website is still incomplete. I’m still working on archiving years of videos, articles, blogs and more into this central location. I’m also aware the [...]

Quick Announcement from Tenach

Greetings! There are a lot of changes going on around these parts and I thought I’d make you all privy to this. I am doing some upgrades to the website as well as the server to help combat the amount of spam that we are getting (especially the stuff [...]

Welcome to!

Greetings, Earthlings! I am pleased to announce the official launch of! I’ve been without a central website for some time, now, and as a result I’ve been spread thin across the Internet. When asked where on the web I could be [...]

A preview of dreams to come

I don’t think too many people actually read this blog, so I’m treating those of who you do to a little preview. Hopefully within the next few weeks, my new website will be launched. One of the things that will be on the new site will be something [...]