Project For Awesome 2009: A Brainstorming Session


The topic of suicide, and depression in general, is still one I believe needs to be discussed openly and often. I just thought I’d try something a tad different this year. My views on this are best put to words in last year’s video.


For those who’ve been wondering, William Power is a character I portrayed in the Destiny of the Gnome mockumentary.

Backing music by Kevin MacLeod. Find his royalty-free music at

Opening music taken from “Imaginary Blood” by Driftless Pony Club. Album or digital download available from DFTBA Records.

Closing song is by Hank Green of the vlogbrothers. You can buy Hank’s albums from DFTBA Records.

All music used with permission of the artists.

The frog sound is courtesy of WeldonSmith of The Free Sound Project, and is used in accordance with a creative commons license.

The weird stuff at the end is a test podcast I made a few years back for a podcasting class in college.

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