This video is the result of a perfect storm, of sorts. I was planning on going to the farmers’ market this morning, but I was delayed by the impending arrival of Jeff and John of Norman Tweeter Productions.

While I was waiting for them to show up, thinking I could drag them to the market with me for its final hour, I watched Bobby’s latest Vlogtag video, which had just gone public. In his video, Bobby challenged me to ask two random strangers what color they would be, if they were a crayon, and what color they would make out with.

As I finished the video, Jeff and John arrived. We immediately set forth to the farmers’ market, where we used puppets to assault people with crayon-based interrogations.

This probably should’ve gone up as part of my Vlogtag video on Monday. However, aside from the fact that the length would prevent me from talking about much else (and after two weeks absent from the channel, I have plenty to talk about), I just wanted to get it up sooner.

So here we are, and here you go, and I hope you enjoyed this little bit of random puppet insanity.

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