Before Halloween comes to an end, I thought I’d put together a little playlist of must-see Halloween videos. It may be late in the day – or early in the next, depending on what time zone you’re in – but I couldn’t let Halloween pass without posting something.

Besides which, no trick-or-treaters have come to our door at all tonight, and I’m bored.

We start with the usual lineup of awesometastic YouTube friends. First in line: Molly Lewis!

Last year, for Halloween, Molly put together an amazing (and wonderfully tounge-in-cheek) Poker Face cover video. We’ll start with that as our dash of Gaga-licious flavor from the Ghost of Halloween Past.

This year, Molly decided to up the ante. One song? One costume? Eff that noise! This year Molly has put together an incredibly clever (and still wonderfully tongue-in-cheek) mashup of Ke$ha, Katy Perry and more. There’s even another sprinkling of Gaga.

Now it’s time to leave behind the lighter comedy as we travel from the West coast of the U.S. to the East coast of the U.K.

As most of you are aware, I’m part of a collaborative channel called Vlogtag. Two other members of this channel, Helen and James, uploaded a video today that I think is one of the most creative and entertaining videos on the channel to date. I must confess, as much as I love hearing about my friends’ lives, I get tingles of giddiness when the vlogging mold is broken in favor of making something fun for the Hell of it. It certainly gets the viewer in the right mood going for Halloween, and sets the bar pretty damn high for the rest of us uploading videos this week.

Simultaneously stepping further into darkness and departing from the usual classy cast of my personal YouTube in-crowd, local horror fanatic Bill Read has just directed his very first short film. Being the first, there’s certainly some parts that could use improvement, but the parts that work reallywork. The end isn’t quite what you expect, and there’s a good bit after the credits that moves us back into comedy again.

I’ll close us out with another zombie-destroying blast from the past, this time from Your Dread Lord Tharg. Tharg’s been absent from YouTube, and hasn’t yet come out to play this year, but he still occasionally orders his minions around via Twitter.

Happy Halloween, Earthlings! Have fun while you can, because once Halloween is over, the real terror begins: ELECTION DAY.

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