Adam the Alien: The Webcomic, Page One – “Learning Curve”

OMG! It's Adam the Alien: DA WEBCOMIC!

Adam the Alien: DA WEBCOMIC!Ningron actually cuts his journal entries into strips like this. He's afraid the squirrels will come for him if he doesn't.

I’ve been waiting to post this until my web wizard, Tenach of The League of Magnificent Scoundrels, sets up my webcomic subdomain, but I’m just too damn eager for my own good. For the time being, I’ll post them as normal posts. One of the downsides of jumping the gun on this is that my current layout is not wide enough to fit the comic at the display size I’m aiming for. So if you’re having LINTTCS Syndrome (Leaning In, Nose Touching The Computer Screen Syndrome, just click on the image to expand it to full size. Don’t worry, that’s just a temporary issue. The comic’s subdomain will be set up to, well…fit the comic.

In the meantime, I wanted to get the ball rolling; I’ve had this comic sitting on the burner for too long (long before this site was even up and running yet). To that effect, I’m setting a weekly schedule: the Adam the Alien webcomic will publish every Saturday for the time being. And keep an eye on the textual aspects of the site, Earthlings – there’ll be an announcement when the actual webcomic subdomain is up and running!

– Adam the Alien

[Profuse apologies and simultaneous props to the good Mr. R.R. Anderson, whose “Adam the Alien” lettering I have stolen both for the above temporary webcomic logo AND for the title frame of the Season 4 intro sequence.]

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10 thoughts on “Adam the Alien: The Webcomic, Page One – “Learning Curve”

  1. @Jason While I love Doctor Who and I’d love to claim credit, I didn’t intentionally make a Doctor Who nod in this. May I ask what you’re referring to?

  2. Amazing, Adam!
    I’ve wanted to make a webcomic for a long time, but I totally lack the talent to both draw and script it…
    Looking foward to next Saturday (not really, since I have something like an SAT next saturday, but the “next webcomic issue” part is neat)!

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