The third annual zombification of Adam the Alien.

The Mayan apocalypse has come and gone, and Tacoma held the afterparty.

Tacomapocalypse III: Stayin’ Alive, the third annual zombie-themed art show from Tacoma-based Treefish Studio, opened on Friday with a beer-and-brains bang at Amocat Cafe. The mood was drastically different from the past two years of zombie mayhem; instead of a small crowd hyped up on coffee and tea, this year’s Tacomapocalypse drew a crowd that proved to be its largest yet, while also being more laid back than previous shambling hordes. This likely had something to do with Amocat’s new in-house brewing, which zombies and survivors alike seemed to favor over delicious brains.

The alcohol wasn’t the only mood shift this year, however; Tacomapocalypse III is called “Stayin’ Alive” for a reason. After two years of celebrating our doom – last year’s show, in particular, celebrated the looming end of the Mayan calendar – this year was a celebration of survival. Fitting, given that no matter where one looks, 2013 seems to be a year of recovery and reconstruction.

The survival theme was reflected in this year’s costume contest, which awarded an original Stuart M. Dempster painting to the best survivor costume. With the winner decided by the crowd, the award went to Jeff Klein of Norman Tweeter Productions, whose ten-month-old daughter served as a prop to prove that he could not only survive the zombie apocalypse, but procreate as well. Multi-generational survival won him Dempster’s cheerful zombie survival painting, dubbed But I Got Better.

The art of Tacomapocalypse III: Stayin’ Alive will be on display at Amocat Cafe throughout the month of February. There will be a video of the opening event up on this site soon eventually someday.

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