I’ve been dogsitting my aunt’s dog, Tycho, recently, and both she and my brother were feeling particularly restless on this bright, sunny Oregon day. So this afternoon, my brother and I decided to take Tycho and Shadow, our family’s dog, on a little impromptu adventure.

We loaded the dogs into the car and drove them in to Canby, where we settled on Knights Bridge Park, along the Molalla River, as a good romping spot. I’m not sure how far from home Tycho has traveled, but I found out after we got home that we officially took Shadow further from home than she’s been since she came to live on the farm. The fact that she’s never been further than the nearby rural vet’s office certainly explains why a relatively calm dog was flipping out and barking at all the people outside while we drove through the city. Tycho’s excited demeanor was unchanged; she’s pretty much the Energizer beagle.

Anyway, below are some photos I popped off while we were out and about. I got some decent footage, too, that will hopefully find a home in a video sometime soon.

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  1. Rule #1 of editing: you’re always going to miss things if you’re the only one editing your own stuff. 😀

    Now excuse me whilst I go fix some things. Thanks for finding those.

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