Tacomapocalypse IV


Adam heads to Destiny City Comics for the fourth Tacomapocalypse zombie art show.

The fourth Tacomapocalypse art show. This year’s theme: 80’s time travel vs. zombies! This video is closed-captioned. Scroll past the links for a still photo gallery.



ADAM: Hello, Earthlings! It’s February 7th, 2014 [WRONG YEAR]. You’re watching Adam the Alien, and I am at the Tacomapocalypse! ZOMBIES!

JEFF: No no no no no, this is the 2015th annual, um, Tacomapocalypse.

STUART: Suuuuuuuuuure.

MICHAEL: I’m Michael Fitzgerald, and I’m the owner of Destiny City Comics.

TYLER: You may call me Madame DeLyte.

STUART: I’m just this guy, you know?

TYLER: This is a zombie-themed art show in a comic shop!

MICHAEL: We’re having a nice little zombie art show, the Tacomapocalypse.

KENDRA: This is the Tacomapocalypse IV: 80’s time travel movies versus zombies.

TYLER: There’s art, there are zombies, there are people talking about comics.

ADAM: How’s that make you feel?

RAVEN: Nervous, ’cause it’s my first time ever having art in a show.

KENDRA: Normally, I’m not wearing pink jeans, dressed like Jennifer from Back to the Future. But that’s what I’m doing today.

TYLER: I’ve been painting for three whole months!

ADAM: On that piece?

TYLER: No, in general. Hooray!

ADAM: Much like the zombies for which it is themed, the Tacomapocalypse rose from the dead this year.

The first Tacomapocalypse art show took place at Amocat Cafe in 2011. Organized by my friends Kendra and Stuart, it was a great deal of fun, and would continue to be so for another two years after that.

When Amocat Cafe became Tacoma Brewing Co., and sacrificed much of its space to the brewing operation, the Tacomapocalypse was left without a home for its annual zombie shenanigans. It seemed like the Tacomapocalypse was dead. Fitting, for an art show about the walking dead.

The only thing more fitting, really, was its resurrection. I get to claim a little matchmaking credit here, because it was during a previous trip back to Tacoma, in November, that I wound up chatting about the Tacomapocalypse with Michael Fitzgerald, the owner of newly-opened Destiny City Comics. When I told him of the zombie art show’s problem finding a new space in which to get its apocalypse on, he told me that he’d love to host something like that in the comic shop.

I felt very excited to tell Kendra, and even more excited when I connected the two so they could work out the details. I practically exploded with glee with I was told the Tacomapocalypse was officially back on.

And while I dropped the ball when it came to organizing a zombie walk, an event I’d led in previous years, I still got immense pleasure out of watching the corpse of a brilliant art show claw its way out of the grave. It was small, yes, but so are the beginnings of any zombie apocalypse.

Tacomapocalypse IV marks the beginning of a new zombie plague. It’s patient zero, and the infection will only spread from here. Like any zombie horde, the art show will grow. I can’t wait to see what this new life –or rather, undeath– will bring.

Until next time, I’m Adam the Alien. Fare thee well!

STUART: You’re with the zombies, aren’t you?

STUART: We’re gonna wrap it up for the evening, but the show will be here all month, and I’ve just been informed that we’re being courted for an October show. So we will be–keep posted to the site, ’cause we’ll be making an announcement soon on what’s going on. Until then, everybody enjoy, and thank you for coming out


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