“No Diva”
by Adam J. Manley

There once was a vlogging E.T.
Whose name often came paired with Eve
And he said, “What the hey,
Let’s just vlog every day”
Swearing 30 new vids just for thee

Then one day his health had felt poor
For he desperately needed to snore
In his promise keeping
He hadn’t been sleeping
And nearly neglected his chore

Distracted by people and food
And then the competitive mood
No violence or gore
Just some Connect Four
But it meant that the task was eschewed

To make videos late is a curse
But to renege on a promise is worse
It would be a pity
So here is this ditty
A silly thing written in verse

You may tell me to go straight to Hell
That these rhymes are atrocious and smell
Who cares? I’m no diva
I’m sticking with VEDA
But for now I’ll just say fare thee well

Writer. Actor. Director. Chalk artist. YouTuber. Nerdfighter. Traveler. Pansexual. Genderfluid. Millennial. Socialist. Living a complex life beyond those words.

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