The Alien’s Perspective: R.R. Anderson’s “100 Tacomics” Release Party (FULL COVERAGE)


I’ve been fortunate to know R.R. Anderson for going on three years, having met him about a month before he started the chalk-offs in Frost Park. I’ve even been immortalized by his monstrous monstrously talented drawing hand. He is one of the main reasons I feel at home in Tacoma.

Since I first met the eccentric illustrator from a distant Northern land, he has achieved much. He has sired a son, Maximilian, and trained him in the ways of the chalk. He has joined with other artists to found a secret society whose ranks continue to swell, a society that supports, engages and delights the Tacoma community. His weekly Tacomic has been joined on FeedTacoma by a dozen more comics, yet still stands proudly as the flagship of the virtual funnies page, lampooning or praising local personalities and infecting the community subconscious with the bizarre imagination of R.R. Anderson.

And now, he takes on a brand new title: published author.

100 Tacomics features the first 100 strips of Anderson’s local political comic, as well as commentary, photos and possibly other goodies (I have not yet personally had a chance to thoroughly look through the book). The book is available for sale at local establishments such as King’s Books (if anyone can fill me in on other places it’s available, I’ll add them here) or a choice of either hard copy or the cheaper (but far less tactile) digital copy online via

At the top of this post, if you haven’t watched it already, you’ll find my fully edited video of the event. In the interest of complete coverage, there are links below to unedited interviews (with text commentary on the interviewees) and the full 24-minute ceremony, featuring an introduction by The Tacoma Urbanist and a speech and selected readings by Mr. Anderson himself.

Full coverage from the 100 Tacomics book release party:

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