First Night 2015


Adam recaps an epic New Year’s Eve spent at Tacoma’s First Night festival.

IMG_8360Celebrating the end of 2014 Tacoma style. First Night is the only way to ring in the new year. Still photos of the event below, past the links to awesomeness. The photos are all unedited at the moment. I’ve cut out a bunch of the real duds from the album, but it’s still a large album, so prepare yourself. (Edit: Due to an as-yet-unidentified site issue, the gallery may or may not be displaying properly. If it’s displaying properly, you should be able to click on the images, and ideally flip through in a gallery carousel. If not, you can still peruse the small-sized images.) (Edit 2: Fixed. Unless it’s broken again. In which case, I blame you. Not really. But yeah, totally your fault.)

This video included, among many others (that I either could not identify or could not find a place to link to on the interwebz), the following sources of awesome:

Be sure to check the First Night website for a full listing of who performed or was otherwise involved. All of the artists were amazing!




ADAM: Can you vlog?

JEFF: Lilly. Lilly. Say, “Hello, Earthlings!”

LILLY: He’o, Earthleens!

ADAM: Hello, Earthlings! It’s December 31st, 2014, and I’m at First Night in Tacoma. Happy New Year’s Eve!


PAN: Oh, I love to party!

MAD HATTER: Ha ha! Well, you’ve come to the right place, then! Let the First Night wild rumpus begin!


THE FAME RIOT: ♫ And I feel better, better ♫

WILL JORDAN & CLEMM RISHAD: ♫ …love some baby ♫


♫ And one of those facets is already gone ♫

♫ Now the baby’s head is a pentagon! ♫

ADAM: New Year’s Eve!

RICH MARRIOTT: Are you ready to wrap up 2014 with twentysomethousand of your closest friends?

LILLY: Hi, Lilly! Hi, Lilly. Hi, Lillyyyy.


♫ Should Old Acquaintance be forgot, ♫

♫ and never thought upon; ♫

♫ The flames of Love extinguished, and ♫

♫ fully past and gone: ♫

♫ Is thy sweet Heart now grown so cold, ♫

♫ that loving Breast of thine; ♫

♫ That thou canst never once reflect ♫

♫ On Auld Lang Syne. ♫

ADAM: So every year at First Night for a while now, they have tried to break a world record of some sort. Or establish one? And this year, they decided to establish or break (I don’t know if it previously existed) the world’s record for the most brides blowing bubbles.

MAD HATTER: How many of you are wondering why we’re trying to have as many brides as we can blow bubbles? Good! Perfect question! I am, after all, the Mad Hatter; there’s absolutely no sense in this. But is it fun?


ADAM: Hey, why not?

ADAM: Tell me, what’s happening here?

MARK MONLUX: Okay, what we have, is we have some Mount Rainier art done by Stowe. These Mount Rainier sculptures…you pick one up —no one knows about this– you pick one up, and then you take pictures of it later on and you post it on Facebook.

JAMES STOWE: I did a chalk piece earlier today, and then these things were…yeah, these things were going to go on it. Ah, but they weren’t ready by the time I started.

MARK: I like my Mount Rainier.

STOWE: Wow, it is super heavy!

ADAM: I personally consider First Night the best way to spend New Year’s. I mean, why watch some dinky leftover 4th of July fireworks go off above the Space Needle, or watch a ball drop on TV –or honestly, even in person– when you could be in a full-on festival with theatre, and music, and all of that fun stuff.

As usual, First Night was a blast; THE best way to spend New Year’s ever, anywhere, anytime, anyway. That is how you DO it!

One of the strengths of First Night is that you could not do any–everything. You could, you COULD do anything, you CAN’T do everything. There are too many things!

SHAUN: Fun times were had by all, and if you were not here you missed out, basically.




♫ We’ll take a cup…of kindess…here… ♫

♫ We’ll take a cup of kindness here…for auld lang syne… ♫

CROWD: Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! One! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


♫ Should old acquaintance be forgot ♫

♫ And never brought to mind? ♫

♫ Should old acquaintance be forgot ♫

♫ And auld lang syne? ♫

♫ For auld lang syne, my dear, ♫

♫ For Auld Lang Syne! ♫

♫ We’ll take a cup of kindness, yet, ♫

♫ For auld lang syne ♫

♫ And there’s a hand, my trusty fiere! ♫

♫ and gie’s a hand o’ thine! ♫

♫ And we’ll tak’ a right gude-willie waught, ♫

♫ for auld lang syne. ♫

♫ For auld lang syne, my dear, ♫

♫ For auld lang syne! ♫

♫ We’ll take a cup of kindness, yet, ♫

♫ For auld lang syne. ♫

♫ For auld lang syne, my dear, ♫

♫ For auld lang syne! ♫

♫ We’ll take a cup of kindness, yet, ♫

♫ For auld lang syne. ♫

KLEIN FAMILY: Happy New Year! Woo!

MAD HATTER: Happy New Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaar!

JEWELL MANLEY: Happy New Yeeeaaar.

SHAUN: Happy New Year. <3

JOHN MANLEY: Happy New Year, Adam!

RICH MARRIOTT: Have a great 2015, everybody. Take care.

ADAM: So that concludes First Night.

RANDOM GUY: Happy New Year!

ADAM: It’s 2015.

SOME GUY: Hey, I’m in your vlog! You guys are cool!

ADAM: Happy 2015, happy new year, and as we move into this new year, fare thee well.


♫ Should auld acquaintance be forgot ♫

♫ And never brought to mind? ♫

♫ Should auld acquaintance be forgot ♫

♫ And auld lang syne ♫

♫ For auld lang syne, my dear ♫

♫ For auld lang syne! ♫


♫ We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet ♫

♫ For auld lang syne ♫

SHAUN: Well, it worked out at first, and then it
just kind of derailed from there.

ADAM: As I was saying: until next time, fare thee

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