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On the anniversary of the video that landed him in a confusing copyright kerfluffle, Adam pokes the gods of automatic content ID with a stick.

I felt like making a video, and tempting the mad gods of the content ID system with offerings of frequently used public domain music. It’s worth noting, humorously, that immediately upon the completion of upload, this video was hit by a Content ID copyright claim. I disputed it and it was immediately released, but it’s still pretty funny…because it was “Silent Night” that it detected. Again.

2014-12-22 Solstice Nonsense copyright claim already crop 2

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  • Background music for the first portion of this video: Silent Night as performed by Kevin MacLeod.
  • My theme song is Pluto Vs. Neptune by Driftless Pony Club. You can buy their albums from DFTBA Records.

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