R.R. Anderson is one of the original four members of the Cartoonist’s League of Absurd Washingtonians, or C.L.A.W. He is also the author/illustrator of the newly published 100 Tacomics, which collects the first 100 installments of his weekly political cartoon.

So on the eve of his triumph, at the release party for his much-hyped book, what did his comrades in cartooning have to say about him? I spoke with three members of C.L.A.W. to find out.

Along with Anderson, Mark Monlux and James Stowe, Electric Elliot Trotter is one of the four founders of C.L.A.W. Trotter is also the founder of The Melon, an online multimedia magazine, as well as the creator of the webcomic Bob the Dog.

Though he currently resides in Seattle, Trotter remains firmly attached to the Tacoma community.

Michael Shaudis – also known as The Jinxmedic or as Alexsander von Mausheim – was the sixth artist (the second non-founder) to join the ranks of C.L.A.W. He currently serves on the league’s Council of the Four Eyes, a position he has filled since C.L.A.W.’s Great Yearly Ceremony on January 4.

Though Shaudis publishes no less than three webcomics on FeedTacoma, he is perhaps best known for (and best at updating) Ocryx and Joe.

Mark Brill is C.L.A.W.’s ninth member, and he really does love werewolves, a fact I was not even thinking about when I compared the good Mr. Anderson to the classic moon-cycling monsters of mayhem (editor’s note: do not use that phrase to refer to anything other than a werewolf; it is a very bad idea).

Brill is notable for confusing many C.L.A.W. fans and followers by sharing a first name with league co-founder Mark Monlux.

More coverage from the 100 Tacomics book release party:

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