It may cause some confusion to know that there are, in fact, two active incarnations of Adam the Alien. One is very hairy, very nerdy and entirely human, and goes by the name of Adam J. Manley. The other is entirely hairless, still pretty nerdy but extremely out-of-this-world, and goes by no name other than Adam the Alien.

If you ask the former, the latter is both his pseudonym and a character he created. If you ask the latter, the former is a poseur and a douchebag who needs to stick to his own damn name and stop stealing the identities of illegal extraterrestrials. Really, it’s a pretty silly thing to do, if you think about it.

The former writes, draws, puppeteers and voices the latter. The latter insults the former constantly and claims all the credit. The latter stars in a new webcomic created by the former, which adds to the confusion because the webcomic is also called Adam the Alien.

Don’t even get us started on the confusion surrounding the first iteration of the puppet versus the second (an issue touched on in the above video), not to mention the character in another as-yet-unreleased project being written by the human one under the banner of the production company whose site you’re on, which also shares the Adam the Alien name.

Mary Sunshine is a character almost as confusing as the Adam the Alien moniker. Originally created to be part of the Norman Tweeter Productions cast, the puppet then known as Maria ended up sidelined in favor of the blue-furred Mizzy. Maria appeared, nameless, in cameo roles in several videos on Vlogtag and Adam the Alien (what Adam J. Manley calls his vlog, adding to the confusion of that particular name). In these videos, she was played by Tony Haddad of The Tokens improv group. During one improvised skit, he randomly chose the name “Mary” for the character, completely oblivious to the similarity of this name to the puppet’s original name.

Haddad had a habit of making dirty jokes while playing Mary, so in time Manley opted to purchase her from Norman Tweeter Productions, officially dubbing her “Mary the Underaged Slut Puppet” based on the personality she had developed under Haddad’s control. After referring to her under this name for a short time, the name “Mary Sunshine” was suggested, and it stuck.

Mary is voiced and puppeteered on different occasions by both Haddad and Manley.

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