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Erik Bjornson may tease newly published author/illustrator R.R. Anderson in the above video, but Bjornson has a long history of support for Anderson.

In addition to being a consistent commenter on the Tacomic, Bjornson handled much of the promotion for the first year the Frost Park Chalk-Off, a phenomenon launched by Anderson.

Bjornson’s blog, The Tacoma Urbanist, became the central location for Frost Park news, as well as the location of the official voting threads for each week’s chalk-off. Bjornson himself donated the very first prize ever offered in the Frost-Park Chalk-Offs for the second episode of the event. He would become a central figure, thereafter, in acquiring sponsorship for future prizes.

While Bjornson’s blog is no longer the central hub of the chalk-offs, he can still be found chatting with the chalkies and supporting the artists, both at Frost Park and at events such as the release party for R.R. Anderson’s new book, 100 Tacomics.

Even as Bjornson’s involvement in the chalk-offs decreased, Joel413 found himself becoming more active. Aside from simply showing up and participating, Joel has become one of the more diligent chalkies, taking on everything from managing some of the voting threads (there was a period in which the voting threads were decentralized much of the time, due to Bjornson’s absence, until Kevin Freitas created a place for them in the FeedTacoma Events section) to tallying up the votes each week. He’s even begun filming some of the chalk-offs and uploading the videos, something which previously had been the exclusive domain of Adam the Alien and Electric Elliot Trotter.

More coverage from the 100 Tacomics book release party:

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